O'Doc - Front-end extension for MoneyWorks
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Like all our products, ShopWorks has been developed to meet the specific needs of our retail users, with features and functionality determined by their requirements. ShopWorks is aimed at businesses whose requirements cannot be met solely by MoneyWorks. It contains a cross pollination of ideas from the various diverse business operations that we have developed systems for. No one industy has a monopoly on good ideas, and we welcome input from all our users, and apply them across the board where appropriate.

ShopWorks has been developed as a very powerful and robust cross platform relational database development environment, and as a result we are able to quickly adapt our product to the ever changing needs of our users. ShopWorks is always evolving.

ShopWorks is targeted primarily at the retailer who is more than a straight retailer. Where their business may involve producing quotations, may involve ordering goods in specifically for a customer, may require batch or serial number tracking of stocked items, may involve the receipting and tracking of deposits, may involve handling back orders, and will definitely involve providing the highest level of personalised service.

ShopWorks is particularly well suited to the floor covering retailer, with the ability to track carpet by the roll and die series, to track tiles by the colour 'batch number', and able to create a works order for the layer, with full details about the job. ShopWorks offers better control of the processes, of your stock and most importantly, the bottom line!