O'Doc - Front-end extension for MoneyWorks
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Like all our products, GarmentWorks has been developed to meet the specific needs of our users, with features and functionality determined by their requirements. Although GarmentWorks is aimed specifically for businesses in the Garment Manufacture and Distribution Industry, it is a cross pollination of ideas from various other diverse business operations, that we have also developed systems for. No one industry or business has a monopoly on good ideas and we welcome input from all our users and apply them across the board where appropriate.

GarmentWorks is ideally suited to companies requiring to manage stock where there are multiple size options for each item.  GarmentWorks also ensures that all dealings with your end customer are consistent, accurate, easily understood, and maintain a very high standard.

Garment works has been developed in FileMaker, a very powerful and robust cross platform relational database development environment, and as a result we are able to quickly adapt our product to the ever changing needs of our users. GarmentWorks is always evolving.

The Garment Industry in particular seems to have many quirks, and no two companies seem to operate in exactly the same way. Although we have attempted to build as much flexibility into our features and processes as we realistically can, further development is easily achieved, thanks to FileMaker, when additional functionality is required.

GarmentWorks is currently used in companies where they import and distribute other manufacturers 'Label' products, by companies who manufacture and distribute their own 'Label' products, and by companies who manufacture off-shore garments specific to the requirements of their retail customers.

Many of GarmentWorks strengths and flexibility come from the ability to view, process and analyse detail lines (from both Sales Orders and Purchase Orders) quite independently of the Header Transaction, and as a result we are able to find, group and report on almost any combination of factors. This allows us to group delivery from multiple suppliers at one time, so warehouse staff are able to work more efficiently than otherwise might be the case. Administrators intervention/involvement is also kept to a minimum, by automatically updating Sales Orders with recently 'Arrived' goods, making for a very efficient operation and lower overheads.

We also store all manner of info about the garment for manufacturing, component lines, processes that may be involved, packaging and shipping methods and requirements, with the ability to generate a full production order, and even able to create our own bar code labels for the garments.