Product Highlights
Product Highlights and Features PDF Print E-mail
  • Stock control for up to 11 sizes per garment
  • Consolidate sales and auto generate purchase orders on suppliers (or self for manufacturers)
  • Smart and efficient handling of receipted garments for distribution to customers via Product Picking Tickets and Customer Picking Tickets
  • Auto split Invoice and Order for incomplete deliveries
  • Ability to group and analyse sales and purchase lines independent of original transaction
  • Style, article and colour per garment
  • Empowers users with powerful yet easy to use database tools
  • Multi currency and tax system support for exporters and importers
  • Robust and truly easy to use
  • Relatively low cost of ownership

Sales Order

Garment Works PDF Print E-mail
  • Product Code
  • Style
  • Article
  • Colour Code
  • Colour Description
  • Brand/Label
  • Up to 11 user definable sizes
  • Stock control by size
  • Long and short descriptions
  • Suppliers code
  • Fabric and construction details
  • Made In information
  • Four user definable categories
  • Bin location by size
  • Max by size
  • Barcode per size
  • Multiple prices
  • Minimum stock holding levels by size
  • Re-order flags
  • Purchasing and sales history, full details and summarised
  • Ability to store picture
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