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Cachet (n)prestige; distinctive mark or characteristic.


We are a small organisation and our primary goal is to help our customers work smarter through the use of technology and better systems. We are real people, with a wealth of business and systems experience, delivering very workable solutions.

  • We believe we have an empathy with our client's needs.
  • We believe in embracing technology if it will make a positive difference to the way you work, or help achieve your individual goals.
  • We sell and support the MoneyWorks accounting system from Cognito Software Ltd ( It is a fantastic product that helps us achieve and deliver on our goals. Our role is to understand your business and system needs, and ensure MoneyWorks delivers for you too.
  • We develop custom software solutions that are cost effective, simple and that work for you.

If our software does not appear to match your requirements or local conditions please communicate with us, and we will consider changes. We are based in New Zealand, but we love to travel and we pride ourselves on being very mobile, and accommodating. We are happy to entertain doing business almost anywhere, so get in touch as we would love to help.